Targeted Email Campaigns for ARC

Part of my role of Graphic Designer at ARC is to develop marketing materials for regional use. Email has proven a very effective tool for targeted promotion of ARC's products, largely because many of ARC's new niche applications are techinically dense and do not translate well to social media. Some of ARC's products that would appear to be boring to the majority of the population are very exciting and relevant to the right audience. I developed these campaigns with feedback from our regional marketing department, although the concepts, design work and copy were largely mine.

Qwestr Screenshots
Targeting Fashion Industry

For this campaign specifically targeting high-end fashion retail chains, I decided to go with an eye-catching header that would spark curiousity and promote a “lifestyle” brand, rather than a specific product.

Qwestr Screenshots
Targeting Food Industry

For this campaign specifically targeting restaurants specifically for signage, car wraps and environmental graphics, I chose a results oriented approach. By citing the significant statistical advantage of good signage and providing clear examples of our work, the value our products could easily add to their business is distinct and pronounced.

Qwestr Screenshots
Demystifying Information Products

ARC provides a lot of information services that a lot of companies could find useful, unfortunately since there a number of them, many services get lost in the shuffle. For this email and print campagin, I broke down the services into simple and easy to understand illustrations and then chose a byline for each service that summed up its value concisely with as little jargon as possible.

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