Selections of My Print Design Work

A lot of my experience, especially early on, has been in print design. I've designed for a diverse array of finished marketing products including: brochures, car wraps, store displays, window installations, floor graphics, website design, sell sheets, email design, standup displays, tradeshow signage and more. Below you will find some samples of my print design work.

Poster Designs
Poster Designs

One off posters are one of my favorite design mediums. Simple, straightforward with a chance to flex illustrative or typographic skills, posters and fliers are where many get their first taste of pure design work.

Qwestr Screenshots
Postcard / Banner Ad Design

Postcard design is a demonstration of basic design principles and requires nuance to portray a message with as limited visual real estate. All of the above designs also have digital counterparts.

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Get PrEPed Campaign for Drexel University

PrEP stands for Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis. It's a preventive measure that can successfully prevent HIV infections. The campaign I created for Drexel Medicine had dual focus: spread the word about PrEP in general and specifically among African American women and male Latinos. The challenge of this project was to present the subject matter in a way that was eye-catching but also mildly disarming, considering the subject matter.

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Layout and Typesetting for Michael the Lion Record

A fairly straightforward project with great results. I did not create the cover illustration for this. It's a great illustration that the recording artist felt fit the vibe of his project, so he got the printing rights for it. This project was interesting because we started out with a more austere 60s feel, especially with the type, before settling on the more modern feel with the all over texture and closely cropped lion head on the B-side.

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Think Big Campaign

This started as a window installation for ARC's Scranton location. The idea was to create a dynamic graphic to advertise the large format printing products. I chose a scenic mountainscape with a carve-out to let plenty of natural light in. Later I reformatted this design to create an ad that would be posted as a "dasher" inside of several nearby ice hockey rinks.

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ARC Substrate Catalog Book

An influx of new printing technology at ARC resulted in a large gap between available marketable products and the ability of the sales team to describe and demonstrate these new products. In order to address this gap I created an attractive but portable binder that contained examples of our new products.