Print Production Management and Display Software

Traffic Light is print production management software developed to be a simple visual hub for production, sales and clients. Like it's namesake it uses familiar colors to indicate the heaviness in workflow that the print production team is currently experiencing, which gives salespeople and customers a valuable tool in strategizing and coordinating their production plans.

Qwestr Screenshots
Primary App Functions

Traffic Light's primary purpose is to convey the status of different lanes of production in an unmistakable fashion. By using the universal color language of a traffic lights, the information is understood on an instinctual level and allows for recognition from people not familiar with the system.

Qwestr Screenshots
Traffic Light Workflow

Traffic Light has a user side interface and a uninteractive front facing page. The front facing page allows customers to gauge how long their order would take before even placing it. It also allows for sales and installation teams out of the office to get an estimate on a turnaround time quickly and confidently, a key element when closing out on a sale.

How Qwestr Works
Conclusion and Future Plans

By having a streamlined, centralized status indicator, Traffic Light is a great tool to increase coordination between between clients, sales and production. Future plans to integrate it with a comprehensive, intake-to-completion software package, will allow for automation of the "traffic lanes" based on volume of work.