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It's interesting how the role of a website designer has expanded and blown up into many different roles since the 2000s. I have been designing sites part-time since 2007, with tendency towards JavaScript based app design in recent years. I have experience with a wide variety of languages and frameworks (Java, JavaScript, React, Vue and to a lesser extent Python) and that variety is really the thread that ties together my experience as a product developer / designer.

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In 2007 the web was a very different place. Some would say a better place. Regardless, it was definitely the place where I created one of my first sites for an artist friend of mine, Peter Dragontail. The first iteration of the site was done entirely through imagemaps It went through a variety of iterations over the years. The first two were based on very visual and based on primative image maps. After that I refashioned the site out of a heavily modified Wordpress theme with handdrawn decorations. It's current iteration is a much cleaner, straightforward and mobile friendly.

Qwestr Screenshots
Wordpress Website: Young Robots

Several years ago I developed Young Robots Records online graphics and web presence. When I started designing their site, they still were not dead set on their sound and aesthetic, so I developed a clean and dark-neutral toned Wordpress design for them to grow into. The personality was provided mostly by the images, so they could adjust it as they grew as a label.

How Qwestr Works
UI/Aesthetic Overhaul: Soundposter

This is strictly a visual reorganization of musician storytelling blog, Soundposter.

How Qwestr Works

How Qwestr Works
How Qwestr Works
Branding / Site Development: 24hrPHL

24hrPHL is a non-profit organization focused on improving the safety and quality of experience in Philadelphia Nightlife. Most of the branding I did was designing the logo, marketing collateral and Wordpress website.